Judge denies Leclair’s request to have trial outside of the area

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A man accused of murdering his wife on Lake Erie requests his trial to be held outside of the area, to which, the judge denies.

Today, Christopher Leclair had a pre-trial hearing to determine if the Commonwealth has jurisdiction to try his case in Erie County Court. 

The prosecution brought in witnesses from the Pennsylvania State Police and the Coast Guard to prove Leclair’s boat, the Doris M, never left the Pennsylvania border.  Leclair’s attorney also motioned to change the venue for the trial or to have a jury panel brought in from outside of the area, but those motions were denied.  

Bruce Sandmeyer, Defense Attorney, says, “Everybody needs to receive a fair trial and that was really why I went at that issue immediately because the press coverage was just so overwhelming. It was really all over the world.” 

Authorities charge Christopher Leclair shot his wife, Karen Leclair in the head and threw her overboard.  Her body was found near Dunkirk, New York on July Fourth. 

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