Jury continues to deliberate in case of Grover Lyons

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The jury deliberates in the case of Grover Lyons.  He’s charged with the shooting death of 28-year-old Darrin Germany.  The crime happening on New Year’s Eve of 2016 outside of Bogey’s Tavern in Erie. 

The defendant is making the case he fired his weapon in self-defense.  He says the victim and his friends fired the first round of shots telling the jury, “my friend got shot and I feared for my life”.  

Lyons is also disputing the claims that he fled town after being charged.  He says Detroit is his home and he left Erie to avoid the chaos saying, “I started getting threats on social media that Darren’s friends were going to kill me”.    

But, the prosecution doesn’t buy that reasoning.  

When District Attorney Jack Daneri cross-examined the defendant during the trial, Lyons continuously interrupted questioning, once claiming he’s the real victim in this case. 

The jury says they need more time to deliberate, so we will bring you more as the case continues on JET 24 Action News.

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