Jury deliberating in attempted homicide of law enforcement case, Anthony LaCastro

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The jury continues to deliberate in the attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer trial of 72-year-old Anthony LaCastro.

The jury first broke to deliberate at about 4pm yesterday, then ended the day about an hour later.  Deliberation picked up again this morning at 9am.

Testimony wrapped up yesterday afternoon. Investigators say LaCastro tried to kill state troopers last January when they responded to a domestic call on his property.  But, the defendant says they have the story all wrong; telling the jury he never fired the shots at the troopers and he didn’t even know it was officers who were in his yard. The troopers involved say they could hear bullets flying past them, and in response, shot at LaCastro.  

The defendant suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach.  

LaCastro faces 27 counts including attempted homicide and recklessly endangering another person.  There is still no verdict at this point, but we will keep you posted with information as it comes to us.

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