After more than a week of testimony, the jury will soon begin deliberations to decide whether three defendants are guilty of a variety of charges, including murder.

Christopher Bridges, Destin Dortch and Raeshawn McCallum are facing charges for their alleged involvement in a string of crimes committed in 2018, including the shooting deaths of 24-year-old Calvin Isaiah and 44-year-old Phillip Clark.

During closing arguments on Tuesday, defense attorney Jason Nard stated that 43-year-old Chinello Blaski helped the defendants plan these crimes.

Nard claimed the defendants viewed Blaski, who testified for the prosecution, as a father figure,

He also said Blaski gave the defendants information on alleged drug dealers to steal from, adding he believes defendants should not face homicide charges and that Blaski was the leader of this criminal activity.

Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Lightner said he believes the evidence shows the three defendants are guilty of more than just robbery.

During closing arguments, Lightner showed photos of the defendants holding firearms. He said the firearms were similar to the ones allegedly used in the killing of Isiah and Clark.

Lightner said they also found fingerprints and DNA at those crime scenes that match the defendants.

On Wednesday, the jury will begin deliberating.