Jury shown photos of Karen LeClair on day two of Christopher LeClair murder trial

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On day two of trial in a Lake Erie-based homicide case, jurors are seeing photographs of the woman investigators say was killed by her husband.

A main point of today’s testimony was the condition of the woman’s body after three weeks under water.  Through these photographs, an Erie County jury is learning more about what led to Karen LeClair’s death.

Investigators say her husband shot her in the head, then threw her into Lake Erie while the two were on their commercial fishing boat last June. The judge warns the jury the images are not meant to inflame emotion.

The prosecution presenting pictures of what was described as Karen Leclair’s body bloated and tied up to an anchor.  A medical expert who examined the body after it surfaced in Dunkirk, New York, spoke to the cause of death while the jury saw images of bullet wounds to the victim’s head. That examiner saying, “This is a devastating injury and causes death nearly instantaneously.”

Prosecutors then carried in a key piece of evidence, the anchor itself.

The defense is not denying that Mr. LeClair tied up his wife and tossed her into the lake, but they’re disputing the fact that he shot the gun.  LeClair’s lawyer says Karen committed suicide on their boat and the defendant panicked.

The prosecution is seeking a first-degree murder conviction.

In opening statements, the assistant district attorney saying Mr. LeClair had to choose between his wife and his girlfriend and somehow, he thought killing Karen was his way out. 

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