Plans for a bridge that was demolished in 2021 are being brought back in to an Erie neighborhood.

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember said the plans for the Kahkwa Bridge Project are 70 percent complete that include new amenities that all will benefit from.

The Kahkwa Bridge was previously built in 1920 and was demolished in October of 2021 due to its advanced deteriorating condition from years of serving pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicular traffic on Kahkwa Boulevard over Ravine Drive.

The proposed plans for the project include a new single-span, bulb tee bridge that is estimated to cost between $1.5 and $1.7 million.

One resident said the bridge not being present makes it tough for residents to commute.

“It’s a link between the east side and west side of our neighborhood here and without it, it’s kind of a long indirect route to get to the other side and we’re just anxious to get it back and hope it happens soon,” said Jeff Kidder, Erie resident.

“This is very exciting and I really hope we probably will get it done in about two to three months it could be up to four months but more likely in the two to three month category and they’ll still be able to function there at the base of the hill and it’s going to be a much better traffic lane there,” said Mayor Joe Schember.

Schember said the bridge is expected to be complete within two to three months.