Kaine slams Trump during speech in front of Erie crowd

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ERIE, Pa. — Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine focused on the economy and urged the Donald Trump campaign to be more transparent during his speech at the Bayfront Convention Center on Tuesday.

“Trump, it’s time for you to come clean and start telling the truth,” Kaine told the crowd outside the Bayfront Convention Center.

The junior U.S. Senator from Virginia spoke around 45 minutes with most of his speech touching on Trump and his tax returns, which he has not released.

Kaine said Trump poses a threat to American democracy, but can put it all to rest if he is more transparent.

Kaine, who met with Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott and Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper before Tuesday’s speech, said him and Hillary Clinton will make the biggest investment in jobs since World War II.

Kaine said under Clinton there will be 10.5 million new jobs within the first year while 3.5 million jobs will be lost under Trump.

In his 22 years in politics, Kaine said he has been able to build his career based on “strong women” around him.

“I am horned as a strong man in politics to support a woman who is going to make history and be the first woman president.”

Kaine said he “can’t keep up with Hillary,” touching on the questions surrounding Clinton’s health. “(She) is running on full speed. Hillary Clinton is one tough and healthy person.”

Kaine encouraged the crowd to get involved and to help people get registered to vote for the election that is just 10 weeks away.

“It’s going to be very tough,” Kaine said about winning. 

Supporters react to speech

Those who attended the event were pleased with the rally as they walked out of the venue.

Many smiling, cheering and applauding during the experience with some saying they were overwhelmed and inspired by Kaine’s speech.

Supporters said this demonstrates how important Pennsylvania is in the general election.

County Councilwoman Kathy Fatica was given the chance to meet Kaine and said it was an experience of a lifetime.

Many people commented on the small and intimate venue, saying it really showcased one of Erie’s treasures.

Kaine talks Ridge

Kaine also spoke about a time when he called on Erie’s Tom Ridge to help him when he was governor of Virginia.

It was in 2007 after the mass shooting on the Virginia Tech campus when Kaine put together a committee, with Ridge being a vital part of that group, to review what happened and how to prevent another incident.

Ridge has been outspoken on Trump and his decision to not vote for the Republican nominee.

“A guy like (Ridge) brings a national security expertise and a patriotism in terms of party doesn’t come first, country comes first,” Kaine said.

Kaine said he admires Ridge and would appreciate his support.

“That was why I wanted his help, I’m a huge admirer of his,” Kaine added. 

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