In addition to those cookouts, many of us are also looking forward to fireworks this weekend.

But, not all family members like those fireworks. That would be some of our four legged family members.

Briaunna Malone was live from the control room with tips from local pet experts on how to keep Fido safe and calm during the celebration.  

Fireworks are a tradition for many on the Fourth of July, but a local animal shelter is asking people to be cognizant of pets in the area.

As many are planning to light up the sky for the Fourth of July, a lot of pet owners are making plans to keep their pets safe and comforted.

A common care tip for pet owners is to place their furry friends in a basement or a room with the door closed.

“Try to keep your pet contained as best as you can, talk to your veterinarian about possibly a prescription for a sedation or something to keep the dog quiet,” said Ruth Thompson, founder and director, Anna Shelter.

A local veterinarian technician says not overstimulating Fido too much is crucial. She also has advice on how to distract your pets from the lights and noise.

“Leave the TV on, you can even turn it up. I always say keep the curtains closed because they’re going to see the reflection of everything,” said Nicole Eliason, veterinarian technician, Anna Shelter.

Pet owners in Erie tell us how they care for their furry friends once fireworks take to the sky.

“Give him lots of hugs. We make sure he’s feeling safe. He goes in his crate a lot, that’s where he kind of finds his comfort zone. And he’ll hang out there or we’ll just cuddle him on the couch,” said Kelsey Morosky, Erie resident.

“She’s on my lap. She’s there all the time anyway. She’s a lap dog, but during the fireworks she’s right next to me,” said Louise Morris, Erie resident.

The ANNA Shelter says fireworks cause a chain reaction of stress for dogs once they are taken into animal shelters.

“Not only are they scared because of the sensory overload of the fireworks, but now they come here and this is all new, new smells, new sounds,” said Ruth Thompson, founder and director, ANNA Shelter.

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Another recommendation for pet care during fireworks is to keep pets indoors.