Keeping your pets safe during hunting season

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With archery season in full swing, there are some safety tips you can use to keep your house pets and live stock animals safe during hunting season.

We stopped by the Anna Shelter to talk with CEO Ruth Thompson about preventative methods to keep your pets safe.

The first day of the season, it might be best to keep live stock in a barn or house pets inside.

If you have pets out during the season, you might want to invest in reflective collars or vests to help hunters see them.

She adds that you should use the same precautions for your pet as you would for yourself.

“It’s not something we see commonly. One time is enough. You know, one dog that gets shot out in the woods while someone is hunting or one live stock animal that gets hit with a bow and arrow is enough to warn you to be cautious. That is something that could happen,” said Ruth Thompson, Director, The Anna Shelter.

Thompson added that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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