Keeping yourself and your children safe during Halloween

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Tomorrow night, kids will be out in full force looking to gather as much candy as they can and safety should be a big priority.

AAA is offering some basic tips for keeping youngsters safe.

  • Make sure adults go out with children and get an idea of your trick or treating route before hand, map it out if possible
  • Crossing the streets at crosswalks and not between cars is key
  • Make costumes safer by opening eye-holes in masks
  • Have children carry flashlights and glow sticks to increase visibility

These safety tips apply whether you are trick or treating or not.

“For motorists, especially anybody that lives in more suburban areas, an area where you know there will be trick or treating, Halloween night is not a night to be running errands. You want to minimize your risk as much as possible. Stay inside. If your coming home and you have to be traveling through those areas, it’s not a bad idea to go a little slower and go below the speed limit,” said James Garrity, AAA Spokesperson.

Tomorrow night at 11 p.m. Action News will present a special report on the dark and dangerous streets of Erie and how to avoid being a victim on the street and behind the wheel.

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