Key member of the longest serving mayoral staff in Erie history passes away

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A key member of the longest serving mayoral staff in Erie history has passed away.

Mayoral Assistant Pat Liebel served on the staff of Mayor Lou Tullio from 1965 until Tullio retired due to illness in 1989.

Liebel then filled in as acting mayor for the last seven weeks of Tullio’s record setting sixth term.

After leaving public office, Liebel worked for what was then Mercyhurst College and helped oversee the Tullio collection that resides there.

A long time friend who worked with Liebel over in City Hall describes Liebel as a class act who served on many boards in the Erie community.

“She was a tremendous resource. I was talking to some people the other day who were on the boards with her and they said they couldn’t have done what they did without her. So that was pretty cool,” said Penny Hanes, Professor at Mercyhurst University.

Liebel worked for the Erie School District for 12 years before agreeing to join the Tullio Administration.

Liebel passed away on Saturday at Saint Mary’s home of Erie.

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