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You’re in for a treat this morning.  All month, we’re traveling all across Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania featuring products proudly made right here in our state.

In this week’s Keystone Creation, Chris Langlois shows us cold is king.  “Lemon, mango, blue-raspberry, cherry; we’ve got apple-based flavors…  We’ve got black cherry sorbet; if you can name it, we probably have it or had it in the past,” says Jay Montgomery, GM of MIA Products Company.

No matter the flavor, you’re bound to find it at this plant in Moosic, Lackawanna County.  ‘MIA Products Company’ is a division of ‘J&J Snack Foods’.  And, their GM says they pump out 400 million servings of refreshing, icy snacks per year. 

About a half of a million products put out in 24 hours, ‘Luigi’s Mango Italian Ice’ is just one of the products rolling down the assembly lines to be shipped across the country.  There’s also ‘Minute Maid’ and ‘BarQ’s’ brands, ‘Chill Smooth Fruit Ice’ and ‘Icee’ brands. 

For this Pennsylvania Product, quality is key.  Laura Klimasiewfski has been working here for 13 years and you might be jealous of her job. Laura worked at MIA Products for 13 years.  “I walk around every day and I eat…  I have to taste everything and make sure it’s okay.”  

The pride towards these products spans from the assembly lines to grocery lines.  And, when it comes to those flavors we mentioned?  No matter how long you work here, you still have a favorite. 

–Chris Langlois, Eyewitness News

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