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After several months of searching for a new place to continue its traditional cuisine, the owners of Khao Thai restaurant have found a new home. It confirms they will be leaving downtown.

After several months of searching for new locations throughout Erie, the restaurant has found a space to continue it’s ethnic tradition.

After years of business on North Park Row, community members will now travel to Millcreek to get a taste of their favorite Thai cuisine.

“The plus part is that it has a kitchen, but we still have to move everything, every piece of equipment from here to the new place. That’s the biggest challenge for us. We hope everything will work,” said Douangchay Phetsavanh, Co-Owner, Khao Thai.

The relocation comes after the Erie Downtown Development Corporation took over the building for a new culinary arts district. Khao Thai is one of three businesses told they have to move out.

Khao Thai’s new home will be located at 2430 West 8 Street in Millcreek. The owner of Khao Thai said the new location was chosen for the additional amenities it has to offer.

“The biggest part is a parking lot, for the last five years here we’ve had trouble finding a spot, and the new place has a parking lot,” said Phetsavanh.

Khao Thai’s lease will end on October 31, leading to the relocation.

Community members say they’re sad to see the restaurant move out of downtown, but they’ll still make the effort to go and get some of their favorite ethnic cuisine

“We will continue to support any business that can make a go even if it’s not in downtown, but obviously we’re sad to see them go,” said Emily Fetcko, Assistant Director of Erie Downtown Partnership.

And others will still make the trip for their favorite dish at the new establishment.

“I understand they have to do what they have to do, and I just wish them all the best. If I have a change I’ll visit their establishment out there,” said Ken Brundage, Library Director, Gannon University.

The grand opening date has yet to be set, however, renovations of the new location are already underway at the new Millcreek location.

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