Kids received a chance to play ball on the field at UPMC Park on Saturday.

This weekend marked the start of the “Play Ball” weekend which is an effort by Minor League Baseball, as well as Major League Baseball, to get the youth outside and play baseball.

There are events in 30 major league cities and in 120 minor league cities that are meant to encourage kids to play and help them sharpen their skills.

The president of the Erie Seawolves shared why it’s important to get kids involved in sports at a young age.

“If kids play ball when they’re younger, and they continue to play ball, they’ll follow it when they’re adults. Obviously that’s the business we’re in and we’d like to see that happen, but we like to see more kids playing ball and this is just a little something we could do to make that happen,” said Greg Coleman, President of Erie Seawolves.

The event on Saturday was for children ages five through twelve. Roughly 200 kids attended this event.