It’s time to pucker up and kiss the pig.

The Kiss the Pig fundraiser took place on Thursday to help support the Boys and Girls Club.

Tardis the Pig got a lot of attention on Thursday at John Russel Brewing.

This is one of the biggest annual fundraisers the organization hosts in order to raise money to cover costs of operations for the club.

The organization has candidates that will raise money and the winner will have the opportunity to kiss the pig.

This summer they are helping over 120 kids per day that come from different home life situations such as living with single parents or kids in poverty.

“The club is there for them. It is a safe place. The environment is predictable. They know that they might come there to play basketball, but the main reason why they come here is because they know that an adult will be there every day,” said John Popoff, Director of Operations at the Boys & Girls Club.