Knox Little League Player Back on Diamond After Losing Arm

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13 year old Seth Apel, a young pitcher from Knox in Clarion County, losing his arm back on November first when he was helping his family cut firewood.

Seth Apel says, “I turned the pto of the tractor running, because me and my dad built this log unloader and my coat sleeve got caught in that and it severed my arm.”

His father Josh, alerted after by Seth’s grandfather after calling for help.  Being life flighted to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, a 6-8 hour surgery, one week in the intensive care unit and a lot of uncertainty surrounding him.

Josh Apel says, “I could see this little nub of what’s left of his arm sticking out and you know, really I was really just thankful he was alive.”

After wondering whether he’d ever be able to play baseball again, apel trying out for what would be his last year of little league in knox.

Scott Means says, “There’s a lot of people who didn’t think think Seth would be playing baseball and I was one of them.” “He’s always been a part of this team and we love him to death.”

Playing in the regular season this spring at first base, catcher and outfield, Seth now having the chance to play one last summer with his teammates as a part of the Diamond Dawgs.

Seth says, “I just thought maybe I could this.”

Seth says, “Three months before baseball season I was in my dad’s shop playing catch and learning how to do everything left handed.”

Not only did Seth play for the Diamond Dawgs over the weekend, but after recording five hits, the youngster earning MVP honors to a much deserved applause.

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