Kraus Department Store sees nationwide canning shortage

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If you have started canning this year, you’re going to have a hard time finding not only the jars, but lids as well.

The owner of Kraus Department Store said that he ordered twice his normal order only to get half of his order.

For three weeks the store has not had any of the items needed for canning.

“The government paid everyone to sit at home and not make anything, and with a banner year, everyone sitting at home decided to start gardening. So it has become an issue getting product.”

Joseph Nowosielski, Co-Owner of Kraus Department Store.

Nowosielski said that the company told him anything that was ordered prior to the pandemic might come in partially by the end of this month.

“As more consumers are preparing their meals at home, food storage, including Ball® branded glass jars and lids and the entire canning industry have experienced unprecedented demand. The demand has resulted in supply constraints, extended lead times and recently limited product availability at stores and online. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve remained operational and have increased glass production, identified additional lid manufacturers and expanded our pack out locations to replenish stock as quickly as possible. We’re grateful for our consumers’ enthusiasm for Ball and appreciate their patience as we work rapidly to solve for the supply constraints.”

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CORRECTION: This story originally said Ball, the maker of jars and lids, is shutting down due to the pandemic. It has been updated to reflect that Ball is remaining open during the pandemic.

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