Kum Miller leaves mark on local man’s life forever

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Friends and family mourn the loss of Kum Miller, a local bar owner who was brutally beat to death during a home invasion in Erie earlier this month.

Miller lost her life on April 23rd after she was attacked in her Cresent Drive home.

For many people Kum is gone but not forgotten.

Anthony Newcomb is a jazz musician born and raised in erie, as well as a veteran from the United States Marines.

He served in Korea during his time in the military, giving him a music and culture bond that would spark conversation between him and Kum at the local bar and grille the Miller’s own, The sandbar.

Newcomb says, “We all meshed that day it happened. And there’s Kum. This woman’s cool. She’s got moxi. She’s got fire. She supported the unknown to a local musician that was aspiring. And I liked that. So I asked her to sign my guitar.”

Newcomb collects autographs of people he meets along the way in his music career.

He says he brought his guitar to the sandbar to have signed by the local band ‘the groove’ when he asked Kum to get in on the action.

And since Kum signed the open book carved headstock part of the guitar, it’s like she signed his book of life.

Newcomb says, “This really touched my life. It means more to me than the autographs i have from the world class grammy people.”

Newcomb says he would be honored to give the guitar to Kum’s husband Gary if he would like to hang it up in the Sandbar in her honor.

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