Last minute shoppers turn to the Millcreek Mall for in-person shopping

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Many people are saying that with delays in online shipping, they have turned to in-person shopping for their holiday gifts.

We spoke to some people shopping at the Millcreek Mall who were looking for some last minute gifts.

Though the mall is less busy than usual this time of year, many people are saying that they’re going to the mall since their online gifts won’t make it in time for the holidays.

“I’ve had things on Amazon that wouldn’t arrive, so it forces you to look at other options,” said Travis Hicks, Shopper.

Many shoppers are saying just that as they head to the Millcreek Mall for some last minute holiday shopping.

“Sometimes you need to see and feel and touch stuff too, and if you don’t have an idea for somebody you need to be out in the mall in person. So I’m here today to finish the last people on my list,” said Adlana Buck, Local Shopper.

Another shopper said that his wife bought presents online, but they’ve come to the mall to buy backup presents.

“If stuff doesn’t get there, she’s got spares to hand out just in case it hasn’t got there. She’s still got presents to hand out,” said Michael Booth, Shopper.

One shopper even said that her best advice for online shopping is to start early. The shopper said that she came to the mall for one last gift.

“It was important for me to start early to start online shopping. Everything came except one package. So then I went ahead and just had everything wrapped. I’m just here kinda tying up loose ends for some family members,” said Amanda Hayes,Shopper.

We spoke to one organization at the mall that has been doing free Christmas present wrapping. Find out why they’ve decided to spread some holiday cheer here.

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