Last Save-An-Eye Football game with three Erie high schools

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Bill Vorsheck said he’ll never forget playing in the 1953 Save-An-Eye Football Game.
“I see kids I played with and against. We talk like it was yesterday. It brought friendship, understanding, love and importance into my life,” Vorsheck said. 
He took home the MVP title, earning a chance to play ball in college.
He said once the city schools merge into one, his favorite tradition won’t be the same. 
“A lot of kids that would be starters on those four different schools now might be on the bench,” said Vorsheck.
While the game was the last time these athletes would be able to represent their individual high schools, some told us they’re excited to represent Erie High School as a whole.
“It’s just so special being a part of the very first Erie High Royals and I never thought that I’d be making history ever in my life like this,” said Joseph Malone, an Erie High School tenth grader. 
He said that feeling makes the changes at his high school, Central Tech, a little easier.
Malone told us watching players from different city high schools learn to work together has been a great experience.
Some of his soon-to-be Royals teammates felt that same sense of nostalgia at the Save-An-Eye game. 
“I get to see some of my old teammates at Central up here and I also get to see some people I played against repping the city,” said DeShawn Wofford, an Erie High School eleventh grader. 
A 79-year old tradition changes, but athletes say this pass might not be so bad after all. 

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