Last sight-in day before deer hunting season

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Jerry Wise says he’s feeling nostalgic, with just one day until deer hunting season begins. 

“I carry a rifle that belonged to my uncle who passed away almost 20 years ago and it’s the idea that it reminds me of my dad and him and just going with them as I was a kid,” said Wise, an avid hunter. 

He told us everyone sets out for different reasons. 

“Some it’s the meat, some it’s the adrenaline pump. I’m one of these people, I don’t care about getting a deer. I just like being in the woods,” said Wise.

No matter the motive, more than a million Pennsylvanians are licensed deer hunters.

Here at the Walnut Creek Rifle Club, anyone can sight in their gun to make sure its ready for the season.

“When you’re out in the woods you need to make sure your rifle’s shooting good, most of all so that when you see a deer and you shoot, you hit the deer,” said Jim Gatesman, Walnut Creek Rifle Club President. 

People like Gatesman will shoot the gun 100 yards at a three-inch target, to make sure the rifle is in line.

If not, they’ll adjust the scope.

“The biggest thing we push is identify your target and what’s beyond,” said Wise.

That’s to keep the hunters and anyone else nearby as safe as possible. 

Wise told us when out in the woods, playing by the rules is the top priority. 

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