Last year’s daycare fire results in changes to fire inspections for daycare centers across Pennsylvania

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Last year’s devastating daycare fire resulted in changes to fire inspections for daycare centers across Pennsylvania, including Erie.

Here is more on the regulations the city has put into place to make day care centers safer for children.

A City of Erie Code Enforcement officer said that issues with smoke detectors need to be resolved quickly because they are an important and usually easy fix.

Since last years devastating daycare fire on West 11th Street, both the City of Erie Code Enforcement and the fire department perform yearly inspections of buildings including daycare facilities.

“They know what we’re looking for and that makes a big difference. Things go a lot smoother so the big smoke detectors, extension cords and so forth, they know what to do,” said Andy Zimmerman, Code Enforcer for the City of Erie.

Chief Fire Inspector Darren Hart said that there’s some common issues the Erie Fire Department found during those routine inspections.

“A lot of common issues we find, we have issues with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors. Either they are too old or not present so we make sure that they get the smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection,” said Hart.

City officials said that at least one positive that came out of this tragedy is with the new ordinances that were passed, parents can rest easier knowing that their children are safer.

“We’ve teamed up with code enforcement. We’ve done over 60 inspections so far and you know we have uncovered a couple of issues that potentially could have led to fires so I think we’ve been able to make some good headway in making the daycares in the city safe,” said Hart.

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