Law firm releases statement on comments made at Erie Rise hearing

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The second hearing for the discussion of Erie Rise’s charter renewal was held at East Middle School, but it was not the hearing that caused an issue, rather a remark made by the Erie School District’s Solicitor.

The CEO of the school stated that an article in the newspaper put a negative impact on the kids that attended Erie Rise, which in turn can have a negative impact on their test scores.

As seen in the video, the Solicitor for the Erie School District, Tim Sennett, then responded with a comment saying “Looking at the test scores, I don’t think your students can read a newspaper.” The Erie School District’s Solicitor did apologize after.

Knox law firm, which Sennett represents, released a statement regarding the matter, “The comments made last evening by one of our attorneys at the Erie Rise Charter School hearing, for which he has publicly and privately apologized, were inappropriate, out of character for him, and do not represent the community values this firm has embodied for more than six decades.”

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