Lawrence Park Community reacts to U.E. Local 506 & 618 Voting

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Union workers are voting on what could be a four year contract between U.E. Local 506 and 618 workers and Wabtec.

Tuesday union members met at the Bayfront Convention Center to learn the details of the contact. 1,700 union members will now decide whether or not to accept the terms and agreements for a new four year contract. This new contract sees major changes when it comes to pay, current workers will remain their wages, however new hires will be dropped to $22 an hour.

Wabtec continues to promise bringing new work for 100 full-time employees. The surrounding community says they remain hopeful with the potential outcome. Saying they are remaining positive for a good outcome.

Becky Standley of The Lawrence Park Dinor, says she has made several friendships from the men and women that work at the factory.

“It’s a big part of the community,” said Standley. “We hope that Wabtec continues to grow here and bring more jobs in. That the transition can be very smooth and everybody can just back to work at doing what they do best.”

“I was a union member for 37 years and I believe in the union, said former GE Union worker, Lawrence Lund. “I believe they are trying to do the right thing but sometimes you have to back off, bite the bullet and plan for the future.”

Voting will end at 6 PM Wednesday.

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