Lawsuit filed against the Harris Family Daycare following deadly fire

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It was the scene of the worst daycare fire in Erie’s history. Now, the Harris Family Daycare is also the scene of a class-action lawsuit. That lawsuit filed on Tuesday is from the mother of Dalvin Pacley, a two-year old who died in the fire.

It has been six months since that deadly Harris Family Daycare fire. We are told that Karina Facchiano retained a lawyer back in September and now a high profile Philadelphia law firm is moving forward.

Karina Facchiano has filed a lawsuit against Harris Family Daycare for “wrongful death.” Representing Facchiano is the Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett and Bendesky law firm. That firm is based in Philadelphia.

“They are a national law firm that concentrates in catastrophic cases.” said Attorney John Carlson. Carlson is on the team. The Philadelphia firm has worked on cases such as the 2015 Amtrak train derailment and the 2018 duck boat disaster.

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett and Bendesky are collaborating and representing the families of the other four children.

Court documents filed on February 12th call for a jury trial. Carlson says the firm wants to make sure everything is aligned.

“The legal process, the wheels of justice grind slowly so these things take time.” Carlson said. “They take time not only to investigate, but they take time to prosecute, so we’re taking a methodical, thoughtful and considerate approach.”

The City of Erie also received notice regarding the suit.

“The plaintiff could potentially bring a claim against the city. If they did, we would deal with it at that point. At this point, there is no claim against the city.” said Edward Betza, the solicitor for the City of Erie.

Estates have been opened on all four of the other deceased children, which means they have been marked as “Pending Litigation” meaning there could be another lawsuit

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