Leaders of the City of Erie left to investigate aftermath of Saturday night’s riot

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An arrest warrant has been issued and an investigation is underway in the wake of Saturday night’s protest in the City of Erie. City leaders have now responded.

Leaders of the City of Erie are left to investigate what they say is a disheartening situation.

“I’m disappointed it happened here in Erie. The fact that it appeared to be out of town rabble rousers that made the bad things happen gives me a little bit of calm. Unfortunately, they put Erie people in the front so it’s Erie people that got arrested,” said Mayor Joe Shember, (D) City of Erie.

The first person arrested was 28-year-old Trvrah Nicholson. Nicholson allegedly tried to light a molotav cocktail on State Street.

Erie Police also issued an arrest warrant for Erie resident 28-year-old Melquan Barnett.

According to Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny, Barnett is on video committing arson at Ember and Forge.

The peaceful protest took a turn for the worse around 9 p.m. on Saturday night and carried on into the early hours of Sunday.

“Officers continued to break up the crowd as officers were being assaulted. They were in danger of serious bodily injury. While all of this disturbance was going on, an individual was shot twice by an unknown suspect in the 500 block of State Street,” said Chief Dan Spizarny of the Erie Police Department.

More than 100 officers from the Erie Police Force were on the street that night.

Something the Mayor and his administration are passionate about is creating unity within the city, and the City’s Communication Liaison spoke saying that he does not believe this will stop what they’ve started.

“I know the foundation is strong enough to get through this. Anyone who is witnessing what is happening in out land and across out nation should be inspired to answer the call in the midst of this chaotic situation to help us bring diversity to the police department,” said Michael Outlaw, Community Liaison for the City of Erie.

Now the department is left to review hundreds of hours of video from the night to see if any more arrests are necessary including the behavior of the police working that night.

Mug shot of Trvrah Nicholson.

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