Leaf collection runs through 11/29, here are some guidelines to follow to ensure pick-up…

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The City of Erie is encouraging people to collect and properly dispose of their property’s fallen leaves.

Mayor Joe Schember is reminding people to either use open hard containers, brown paper leaf bags, or pale green plastic compostable bags. They say compostable bags may be used in addition to open hard containers.  “Only bags stating they meet ‘ASTM D6400 Standards for Compostability’ may be used and are designed to break down in municipal composting.”

They ask that you:

  • DO NOT use cardboard boxes for compost.
  • DO NOT use garbage, recycling, or any other NON-compostable bag.
  • DO NOT place compost in garbage.
  • DO NOT include animal waste or cat litter.

Leaf collection runs through November 29th. 

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