Frontier Park welcomed vendors and buyers alike with a market of their own.

The Lake Erie Arboretum held a market in the park that sold fresh produce from local growers, as well as local craftsman, artists, brewers, and more.

As a whole, the goal is to provide opportunity for the community to purchase fresh and local food.

This market began during the heat of the pandemic. One organizer from LEAF said that they’ve certainly come a long way.

“It used to be all online and we set hula-hoops in the ground for people to space six feet apart. So it’s actually I think even healthier now that it’s open so that people can kind of just mill about and not be in lines, and we have a lot more vendors now that it’s picked up,” said Hannah Rhodes, LEAF Education Manager.

LEAF is hosting these markets in Frontier Park every other Saturday from now though September.