PennDOT and city crews are busy getting ready for the upcoming wicked winter weather.

The plow trucks are ready and the salt domes are full, but while the weather isn’t too bad right now, the worst snowy weather will hit us soon…and crews are not wasting any time.

Before the snow hits the roads, PennDOT and city crews are busy with anything old man winter throws out their way, including snow, and they’re not wasting time.

“We take care of our equipment. We have a new influx of operators in the last few years, and we have been trying to do a lot more training with them to get them prepared for snow removal,” said David Donikowski, PennDOT Erie County.

They are also making sure all their trucks are calibrated. Donikowski said their salt supply is almost to full capacity, and they are still getting more.

“We have two shifts that cover 12 hours. One starts at midnight and goes to noon and the other one is noon to midnight, so we have 24-hour coverage seven days a week if needed,” Donikowski added.

Just like PennDOT crews, city crews are also busy getting ready for the snowy weather in our forecast. The snowy weather also creates a big headache for drivers, but there are ways to keep you and your family safe out on the roads.

AAA officials said the best thing you can do during inclement weather is to stay home. However, if you have to, leave early. This puts you in a much better frame of mind, you’re not worried about running late and less prone to aggressive driving.

It’s also a good idea to find a trusted shop and mechanic where you can get your vehicle checked out before the bad weather hits.

“The number one call that AAA responds to is last year over a quarter of a million dead batteries. That’s the number one call we get in the winter time, and you want to make sure your battery is going to withstand the cold winter months,” said Jim Garrity, AAA spokesperson.

Also, slow down. This gives you more time and control on slippery roads.

For a full list of AAA’s “winter care checklist” head to their website.