New medical opportunities are coming to LECOM that will give students the chance to further their education.

LECOM announced on Friday the opening of its new School of Podiatry, where a three year surgical residency will take place following the completion of medical school.

The provost of LECOM said those that are accepted will sit in the same classes as the medical school.

The provost also said their goal is to make the best medical, pharmacy, dental, and now podiatry students in the future.

“We’re excited. It brings 40 more students with 40 more families to Erie, Pennsylvania; many of them will stay. Erie needs podiatrists, and certainly LECOM Health that has a fair amount of elderly lives, they need podiatrists,” said Silvia Ferretti, D.O., provost, LECOM.

Ferretti says the classes will begin in July of 2023.