Legislators meet today to discuss advancements in PA’s voting procedures

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Several state representatives and senators of Erie County all meeting at one location today to discuss key issues affecting the area. 

Many hot-button topics were discussed during the meeting ranging from environmental topics to criminal justice reform legislation to the possibility of modernizing voting legislation.

The Erie Chapter for the League of Women Voters hosting a luncheon for state house and senate legislators of Erie County to come and discuss several issues the commonwealth is facing.

Representative Pat Harkins says, “I love these kinds of events. It gets us into the community, has us acting with constituents as well as people that have questions what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.”

Four key topics were discussed.  Each representative was given two minutes to give their point of view.  The first topic of the luncheon; voting and election modernization.  The question: “How do we ensure eligible voters are able to cast their votes?”

Harkins saying he is in favor of making voting techniques and equipment. “Going forward, we should look at some modernization as well as some enhancement to the machinery.”

Representative Ryan Bizzarro mentioning his sponsorship of same-day voting, allowing voters to show up the day of and register with two forms of identification.

However, State Representative Brad Roae believes there is a need to be tighter with regulations on registering to vote; specifically when applying through PennDOT. “There is a series of questions that are asked. The first one being, ‘Are you a U.S. citizen, yes or no?’ The very next question was,’Do you want to register to vote, yes or no?”

Among discussion of voting, topics surrounding criminal justice reform, environmental protection, and property taxes.

“We like to see citizens that are engaged and working actively towards issues that are bettering the commonwealth,” Bizzarro said.

Luncheon Organizer Lorraine Dolan adding that the league is very pleased with the turnout for the discussion.  Attendees were also able to submit questions they would like answered.

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