Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen visits Erie

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One libertarian presidential nominee is making a stop here in Erie.

Libertarian presidential nominee Dr. Jo Jorgensen spoke outside the Erie County Courthouse. Some local libertarians agreed with her position to bring home troops from overseas.

Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen is touring to meet potential voters and collect signatures to be on the presidential ballot.

While stopping in Erie, Dr. Jorgensen emphasized bringing home troops from overseas.

“There’s no reason why need to be in 150 countries to protect the boarders of America. So we need to protect our boarders and again become one giant Switzerland armed and neutral,” said Dr. Jorgensen.

In addition to bringing home troops, Dr. Jorgensen also addressed ballot access laws that prevent third parties from competing fairly. Dr. Jorgensen said that Pennsylvania is one of those states.

“Pennsylvania is very important because of ballot access. The larger older parties are trying to shut us up because they know that we’re the real alternative choice. So we’re going to as many major cities as we can in Pennsylvania,” said Dr. Jorgensen.

One local supporter said that he appreciates Dr. Jorgensen’s dedication to visiting small cities across America.

“Starting with these grass roots local base is really gonna help us reach out and you know connect with people who feel disenfranchised,” said Mason Fitzsimmons, Jo Jorgensen Supporter.

Fitzsimmons also said that it is really critical that Dr. Jorgensen gets out especially on the local levels.

Another supporter said that he feels Dr. Jorgensen represents the people instead of the corporations.

“She’s here willing to meet with these people, willing to meet us and talk to us and explain what she’s going through and it makes her more of a human candidate, more of a candidate for the people not for corporations,” said Dwayne Withmer, Jo Jorgensen Supporter.

Jorgensen’s ultimate goal is to end up on the presidential ballot in Pennsylvania.

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