Licensed counselor comments on PA’s new online gambling games

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Pennsylvanians now have the chance to win up to $250,000.  That’s due to new online games from the state lottery. 

People can set boundaries while playing them like time, deposit, and spend limits.  A therapist who treats people with gambling addictions says this new method of playing could be enabling, but the limitations may be helpful.

“So you go over the boundary and then you have the guilt-shame cycle that goes along with it,” says Rob Giannamore, Licensed Professional Counselor.  “You can see how that would spiral out of control and then you maybe pay it off… and you can see that cycle reoccurring.

iLottery does not include draw games, fast play games, or scratch-offs that are sold in retailers.

The Lottery wants to emphasize that anyone with a gambling problem (or a suspected problem) should not play iLottery games at all, and should consider self-excluding themselves from playing online.

The self-exclusion process is explained here:

Anyone with a problem can also call 1-800-GAMBLER for confidential assistance.

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