In light of a recent grant the Little Italy area received, dozens of resources are being implemented in the area. Starting first with more police presence but in a friendly and non intimidating way.
Starting today,  $600,000 will go towards making Little Italy a more livable place. This is all because of the Byrne Grant.There are 3 focuses for the money: Address crime, help fix up homes and provide mentoring and job assistance for teens and young adults.
Tonight Erie City police officers brought out their mobile precinct, or R-V inviting neighborhood kids inside for a look. The officers also out on foot and bike hearing from the community about what problems they are seeing and then help address them.
Resident Rodger Hornbrook explains his worries, ” When you’re worried about your 10 year-old going out front playing and somebody getting shot two houses away more police are needed”
The officers will be out in the neighborhoods twice a week through October. They are encouraging everyone, kids and adults to stop and talk if you see them out there. They want to hear your opinions and thoughts about what you want to see change in the community. 
They also have a work readiness program helping to get 18- 24 year olds into the workplace. The community is pleased to see the officers saying this is what the area needs especially for the children.