Local African American leaders take action to end racial injustice

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The local push for progress continues as African American leaders take action to end racial injustice. This coming after Saturday’s silent protest in downtown Erie.

We spoke to community leaders about the ways they look to concentrate on bringing unity to all.

Leaders we spoke to told us that in order to move forward and create change, it starts with people using their voice and taking steps in a positive way.

African American leaders are taking strides to eliminate racism and ensure social justice in the community.

“Every person of goodwill should be engaged to be positive, be respectful, but yet to hold their position and hold us even as clergy,” said Bishop Dwayne Brock, CEO of Eagles Nest.

Bishop Brock told us that the conversations for change extends to the leaders in our community by taking action and using your voice while accepting one another’s differences.

“We have to sit down and talk to one another and come into mutual agreement. We don’t have to agree on everything, but I think it’s imperative that we leave our egos at the door and learn to accept each other’s position,” said Bishop Brock.

Erie leaders continue to stress the importance of using your voice in support of those who couldn’t.

“People are broken. If you have any specifics to write your thoughts and write it down so you can articulate it clearer. Join some of the local activists that are marching peacefully,” said Andre Horton, Erie County Councilman.

During a County Council meeting Horton led council members in eight minutes and forty six seconds of silence. This is the exact amount of time a Minneapolis police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck.

Horton said that equality for all is an ongoing conversation, but starts with inspiring the younger generation.

“We need to hold our teachers more accountable. I know it can’t be a one stop shop or social workers, but we need to be more accountable to our children’s education. We need to change what’s being taught in the school district,” said Horton.

Bishop Brock told us that the African American Clergy and local law enforcement look to meet in the weeks to come to create new policies for diversity and equality in the community.

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