Local artist bringing “Erie Strong” message to Peach Street mural

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If you have driven north on Peach Street lately, you might have noticed a new message on the “Welcome to Downtown Mural.”

The mural on the overpass now has the words “Erie Strong” painted on it. Logistics Plus owns the bridge, and they wanted to send a message of hope to the city during these difficult times.

Local artist Jason Mumford was hired by Logistics Plus back in 2006 to paint the mural. When you fast forward 16 years later, the murals needed repainted. He has been working on it for about a month now and is almost finished.

“The message was similar, we just updated it to put “Erie Strong” and change the graphics a little bit using the strong man holding up the world just to give a positive message.” Mumford said.

Mumford says that it was a tricky process painting the mural on an active street. He painted t while working on a scaffolding and closed down lanes of traffic.

“No, just during the day, traffic has not been as bad as it has been, which is a good and a bad thing,” Mumford said. “It’s good that we don’t have to fight with it so much, but it’s kind of weird.”

Residents that we spoke with today say that any positive message is important right now.

“I think it’s not a bad idea. It makes the city look a little better. Anything that helps right around now, anyway.” said Dan Cummings.

“It’s good to see life is starting to come back. We will obviously do it carefully and cautiously , but the first steps are important.” said Jim Berlin, CEO of Logistics Plus, Inc.

Berlin says that he is able to paint the murals because he adopted the bridges years ago when they bought the train station for his business, Logistics Plus.

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