The Blues and Jazz Festival was scheduled to take place this weekend.

The event was canceled but some still made an effort to celebrate the music festival on a smaller scale at Frontier Park.

Six bands participated this weekend in what’s being called “The Jazz and Blues Hang” all playing on the amphitheater stage in Frontier Park just for tips.

An organizer says the original Jazz and Blues festival costs 100 thousand dollars to put on. . . meanwhile they put this together for only one grand. He commented on the festival’s future.

What I’m preaching today is the price of paradise is high, you’re going to have to pay for it. It can’t all be free; we can’t all keep coming to festivals and not supporting them financially. A lot of this, I know, is financial difficulties, but when you have the money, you ought to put it towards things that make you happy. And this makes us very happy,” said Matt Lebowitz.

Lebowitz said this weekend was all about keeping Blues and Jazz in the mind of the Erie Community so that Frontier Park can go back to its former glory this time next year.