Local attorney explains the jury selection process for high profile cases

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With highly publicized court cases like the Chauvin trial, it can be difficult for jury members to reach a verdict without outside influences.

One local attorney, John Carlson, said that during the jury selection process, people who have a pre-conceived notion about the care are eliminated.

Carlson said that in order to be selected for the jury they must be undetached and able to make their decision based solely on the evidence presented in the courtroom.

Although social media and media outlets present a challenge to creating an unbiased jury, Carlson said that it’s a jurors responsibility to remain as neutral as possible just as other members of the courtroom staff do.

“Get the guarantee or assurance that the decisions are based solely on the evidence that they hear in the courtroom,” said John Carlson, Attorney.

Carlson said that one factor that helps jurors feel confident reaching a verdict when a lot is at stake is that their identity is protected.

He said that courtroom staff make their anonymity top priority especially in high profile cases.

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