Local attorneys speak out about legality involved in drowning of 18-year-old

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Erie lawyers spoke out on the peer pressure that may have led to the drowning of 18-year-old Kevarion Jordan.

We spoke to some local attorneys to find what, if any, legal action is possible in this situation.

Some lawyers said there’s always a lawsuit to be made, but the question is what is the cause of action and to what degree, and did it play a role in the 18-year-old man’s death?

“He said I cannot swim more than one time and it should’ve been over,” said Taleysha Staton, Mother.

The mother of 18-year-old Kevarion Jordan continues to morn for the loss of her son who jumped into Presque Isle Bay.

She believes that a video that she was given shows her son being pressured by his friends.

We reached out to lawyers to see if legal action can be taken in a situation like this.

“The offset by comparative negligence or comparative fault rather from the deseasedent it’s a very sad case. From what I understand nobody pushed him in, he jumped in on his own,” said John Carlson, Defense Attorney.

The mother of the 18-year-old said one of the friends that was with Jordan gave her money and offered to pay for funeral costs.

“Like you really want to offer to pay for his funeral because you know you’re the reason that my son is gone that’s why, and that’s not okay. He’s gone,” said Staton.

“Money is that evidence of consciousness of guilt? I don’t think so it’s not the friend himself admitting wrong, it’s a parent who feels sympathy for another parent,” said Carlson.

Other lawyers said that everyone has a duty to act responsibly.

“Someone who knowingly voluntarily assumes a risk is barred from seeking a recovery from someone who has been negligent. So therefore I think it’ll be very hard in such a case to prevail giving the assumption of the risk doctrine,” said John Mizner, Personal Injury Attorney.

Both lawyers said that the incident that happened to Jordan and the grieving family is a tragedy, but time will tell if the family can take legal action.

The viewing of Kevarion Jordan is Thursday August 12th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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