Folks were able to get a sneak peek into Erie’s dark history of crime and murder in a new exciting book that was written by a local author.

Justin Dombrowski was over at the Watson-Curtze Mansion signing copies of his new book “Murder & Mayhem in Erie, Pennsylvania.”

The Mercyhurst University graduate has also worked with the Erie County Detectives Unit.

His new book uncovers dark stories from Erie’s past. This includes the mysterious 1905 death of Detective James “Jimmie” Higgins at Central High School and the drawn out manhunt for his murder.

“Looking into Erie’s old crimes that not a lot of people know about, things that you would not have expected to happen in Erie, their prevence and how it pretty much had an effect on Erie’s history today,” said Justin Dombrowski, Author of Murder & Mayhem in Erie.

Dombrowski has been studying local history for the past 15 years.