Local bakery pays it forward donating bread to Community Shelter Services

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A local bakery is making loaves of bread that will be donated to a neighboring shelter.

Majestic Baking Company is providing Erie sourdough bread to the Community Shelter Services.

For ever loaf of bread a customer buys, another loaf will be donated to Erie’s largest homeless shelter.

“Buy a loaf of bread, give a loaf. What they are trying to do is we are trying to buy locally,” said Mark Alexa, Executive Director of Community Shelter Services.

For every loaf of bread that was purchased, the bakery would donate another loaf to to the Community Shelter Service.

Majestic Baking Company is making the bread that is donated to the Community Shelter Services, a program that they are calling “grateful bread a loaf to give.”

“We can extend this program for as long as we have donations, and if we have 130 loaves, that’s five weeks of bread that we could donate over a month,” said Jessica Shultz, Head of Operations at Majestic Baking Company.

The head of operations at Majestic Baking Company said that this charitable act demonstrates the giving nature of the Erie community.

“Another representation of Erie folks taking care of each other. This is really hard work for everybody, but I think there’s really beautiful relationships and new partnerships that are forming even between small businesses and nonprofits,” said Shultz.

A member of the Erie community said that she was able to contribute to the grateful bread program.

“I did buy a loaf of bread to pay forward and its great because now they’re doing the online ordering so you just order ahead of time, pay ahead of time and then just come and pick it up. That’s how you can order a loaf to be given to someone else as well,” said Karen Nies, Erie Resident.

You can find a link to Majestic Baking Company’s grateful bread program here.

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