Wednesday is one of the busiest nights of the year for local bars, as people come out to celebrate before Thanksgiving Day.

The pandemic has limited this experience the past few years, but people were out and about and told us why they’re celebrating.

“We get a lot of kids from college that can’t go home so we show them what Erie’s really about. Some of them don’t know so we want to get them out and show them a good time,” said Garrett Merski, Erie resident.

“Just getting to reconnect with people from past classes and everything like that. Just everyone home from Thanksgiving. It’s really fun,” Sydney Sherman, Erie resident.

“It’s like the comradery. It might be people you haven’t seen in five to 10 years, but you meet up and it’s like you haven’t missed a beat,” Chris Desser, Erie resident.

“The night before Thanksgiving I heard it was legendary, had to come out. Brought my passport and came across,” Abigail Carter, Canadian resident

The night before Thanksgiving can be a time when many people in our area reconnect.