The area surrounding a downtown Erie park could see some major changes this year as local business owners come up with a plan to revitalize Griswold Park.

For the past couple of months, business owners surrounding the park have been on a plan for what they call Erie’s Station Square.

Griswold Park could soon have a whole new look and a new name. Logistics Plus employees and area business owners say they have plans to redevelop the park by building six pickleball courts and other amenities for the community to enjoy.

“Interaction is a big part of this park and when it’s pickleball or ice hockey or those really cool musical swings, just stuff to get people down here and not just enjoy how things look, but to interact and be involved with what’s going on here.” said Chris Sirianni, Owner of the BrewErie at Union Station.

Several business owners surrounding Griswold Park are concerned about the safety in the neighborhood from 12th to 14th streets and from Sassafras to State Street.

“There’s definitely a need for attention, you know, whether it’s cleaning things up and adding lighting to be safe and secure, there have been some issues we’ve encountered that I think, collectively as a group, we want to get under control.” Sirianni said.

Logistics Plus pledging $100,000 to the project to improve safety and encourage community engagement. One business owner says he plans for these changes to incorporate the history of the area.

“The historical landmark of the Dean of American Magicians, Harry Kellar, born here in Erie, Pa., so I designed a statue.” said Bobby Borgia.

Borgia says Kellar lived just one block away from Griswold Park and this inspired his idea to create a statue.

Members of the Erie Station Square non-profit are eager to make changes including adding a synthetic ice rink and musical swings.

“It’s projected to get started in the fall, although I think it will certainly start sooner, maybe as soon as the end of this month, I think. We have a bunch of things in line. We’re ready to get started. The city is very receptive.” said Dan Zack, IT Leader at Logistics Plus.

Overall, this could be a $175,000 project at Griswold Park.