After Thanksgiving, the holiday season really kicks into high gear.  Which, for many, means holiday shopping.  From discounts to prizes and other incentives, local businesses are hoping to see you this weekend. 

‘Tis the season of giving and, when you’re ready to cross those names off your gift list, locally owned businesses are hoping you’ll be doing it at their shops. 

Mimi Sherwin, Owner of A La Carte, tells us, “So much of the money when you shop small comes back into the community. It gives us jobs, it helps the local economy, it’s so critical. “

Sherwin has been in business for 47 years.  She offers specialty, Lake Erie-related items you can’t find anywhere else. 

“We’re so lucky, we have so much support from the local community, everybody comes out, and it’s so fun to see everybody – it’s like a big party!”

The Colony Plaza is considered a ‘Shop Small Champion’ by American Express, one of the few in the entire country.  

Many of the shops are offering special discounts, prizes, and incentives to help get you through their doors. 

If you drive south on I-79, you’ll find a town that’s really amping up its shop small efforts, creating a commercial to run just ahead of Small Business Saturday. 

“Yeah, holiday shopping. Is our downtown really that good? No. It’s flipping great.”

The Meadville Chamber saying the commercial was made to be memorable, fun, and to get people to Meadville.

Josh Sherretts, of the Meadville Chamber of Commerce, tells us the ad means to “Encourage people not just from the city, but the surrounding areas, actually, the surrounding region, to come see downtown, experience Meadville around the holidays.”

The spot, which will run primarily on digital outlets, is a parody of the ‘Dollar Shave Club’ commercial. 

“We are Downtown Meadville and the holiday season is here…”

The full commercial is expected to be released at 3pm tomorrow on the Meadville Chamber’s Facebook page.