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A locally owned business is expanding and you could see the benefits.

Owners are calling the Pro Transfer and Recovery Center a new community asset.  The property is five acres with a 10,000 square foot facility to make your waste disposal needs more convenient and affordable.  

Bryan Pol, Owner of Pro Waste Services, Inc., says, “It is a dream come true and the dream just keeps getting better every day.” 

And, it is a big day for the locally-owned family business Pro Waste Services.  The company, founded in 2005, is opening Pro Transfer Recovery Center on East 19th Street in Erie.  

It’s a dual mission of providing jobs and cleaning up the neighborhood.  City Council President Sonya Arrington says the new facility sends a positive message to people living in the city. “This is huge. If we just believe in ourselves, we can do anything and this right here is living proof.” 

The process for customers is actually pretty simple. People can drive their vehicles right up to this property and drop off their waste, and then the company will dispose of it from there.  Pol explains, “The concept is smaller trucks, smaller cars, put it on tractor trailers and then truck it out.”

There is a fee for the service, but the facility will provide municipalities with an alternative waste disposal option and create competition within the business to stabilize fees and improve services.

Representative Pat Harkins tells us this transfer station will have a huge impact on the community.  “This will alleviate a lot of the garbage that’s going into a lot of the landfills and things like that and, again, being locally owned; we have a connection with the owner, somebody we can pick up the phone and call.” 

The Pro Transfer and Recovery Center will be open for use tomorrow.

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