Many people are saying “surf’s up” to news of surfing regulations eased at Presque Isle State Park.

Park officials announced they have revised their surfing policy to include surfing at all beaches on the lake side of the park year-round. This went into effect September 5, 2023.

The previous rules stated you could only surf on Beach 1, Beach 10 and out at North Pier. Park officials said visitors have been asking for years to change the surfing policy.

The owner of The Isle Surf & Skate said it’s been a long time coming and it’s going to be a great boost for business.

“Just based on the social media traffic and website traffic from yesterday’s announcement, it has been huge, pretty crazy. I do anticipate that there will be a big push of business of people just wanting to be curious and get out there and try surfing,” said Dan Parra, owner, The Isle Surf & Skate.

Parra said there are a lot of surfers in Cleveland and Buffalo, so he expects them to come to Presque Isle more often.

Click here for information on the new revisions and regulations posted by The Isle Surf & Skate.