Local businesses react to easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Pennsylvania

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Reaction to the governor’s easing of restrictions on businesses show just how desperate the current economy is for many workers in Erie. The new changes to out of state travel and gathering sizes could help put more wages in more paychecks throughout the region.

New statewide revisions were made on travel as well as indoor and outdoor gatherings that has businesses hopeful for more changes to come.

Governor Tom Wolf’s revisions to the mitigation order for Pennsylvania change the rules on out of state travel and new revisions to gatherings.

“When you are gone for days or more than 24 hours, you don’t have to take a test to prove you are COVID-19 negative and you don’t have to quarantine for two weeks.” said Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper.

Indoor gatherings can now allow for 15% of maximum occupancy and outdoor events allow for 20% of maximum occupancy regardless of venue size and must abide by COVID-19 rules.

“And people should continue to do what we asked them to do, wear your mask, stay socially distant, etc. We are going to continue to hopefully see better numbers and eventually get this pandemic under control.” Dahlkemper said.

Businesses will be helped due to increase of those allowed inside.

“Right now, we can seat comfortably a little over 50 just because of our total number, but a few percent points adds a lot, so we can have up to 60, 65, which is better.” said Jim Markham, General Manager of Oliver’s Rooftop.

As local businesses like Oliver’s Rooftop that not only service people in their restaurant, but also host special events and say they are excited for this new change.

“It’s just a relief, I mean, any inch they give us is a mile as far as we are concerned in this business, we seem to have been hit the hardest.” Markham said.

Oliver’s Rooftop plans to add more events soon.

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