Winter preparations are of high priority when temperatures begin to drop. City officials take care of driving conditions for road safety. Local businesses share tips on how you can have your own winter preparation at home.

Many are under the assumption that the fur of a pet is more than enough to shield them from the harsh winter temperatures. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The bitter cold can be harmful to their exposed skin and make them more susceptible to frostbite on moist areas of their face like ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. The best thing that pet owners can do for them is bring them inside.

“Especially in this climate, animals need to be in the house. They need to be inside and part of the family,” said Ruth Thompson, Founder and Director of the ANNA Shelter.

Winter preparation can be done beyond pets as well. Vehicle maintenance is essential for safety on the icy roads and car dealerships begin planning for the low temperatures early.

“Usually around October, we try to focus on proper tire pressure. We might up the tire pressure a little bit. Obviously, testing the battery is important. Washer fluid, all your fluids, antifreeze is really important and your brake inspections. Things like that.” said Phil Piznok, Service Manager at Bianchi Honda.

Car dealerships experience numerous tow-ins this time of year, along with dead batteries and low-functioning tires, which can lead to accidents. As winter storms begin, dealerships have advice on how to prep your car for the snow.

“Keep your gas level. I wouldn’t let it get too low. Usually, a quarter tank but don’t let it get below that. That’s our personal opinion of it. Make sure your antifreeze test is good. Wiper blades are really important, you don’t want to turn your wipers on when they’re frozen to the windshield.” Pinzok said.

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It is also highly recommended to ensure your windshield is free and clear of snow before driving.