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Roar on the Shore expects to see a record number of people come to the area this year.  However, not everyone is happy about the motorcycle festival.  

While businesses down State Street love the crowds and additional people, some other nearby shop owners say Roar on the Shore hurts their business.   

With Roar on the shore expecting around 170,000 people and millions of dollars in the local economy, businesses; including the Peanut Shop on the corner of State and 10th Streets sees an increase in sales.  “It helps a lot,” says Annie Linebach, Owner.  “It’s real nice; nice people from all over.”

Some businesses, though, like Tickle’s Deli on West 4th Street, don’t see the benefit.  Sue Wyant, Owner of the deli, tells us, “it does nothing for my business, here.  Starting [at the beginning and through] the whole festival, my street is entirely closed off.  It’s hard for my delivery drivers to get in and out.  It’s hard for my normal deliveries to get in and out.  People who come in for the festival have no clue I’m even here because… I’m surrounded and cut off from everything and everyone.”

Wyant says she’s probably one of the few business owners who orders less inventory for the week.  She even closes shop early all week and doesn’t open on Saturday like she normally does.  “I’ll end up losing more money than I already am losing because people don’t want to bother trying to get in down here,” she says.  “Even walking can be a hassle.”

The Peanut Shop, though, stays open as late as needed to take care of the extra customers.  “They remember the Peanut Shop,” says Linebach, “When they were little kids they used to come in here.  ‘Oh, I remember the Peanut Shop.  I’m glad you’re still here.'”

Wyant says she’s tried advertising and making specials to appeal to riders.  “One [of the specials] was called, ‘The Hog’.  I got no response from no where, from no one.”  But, Wyant says she still has her loyal, local customers.  She would like to see more promotions for local restaurants to encourage visitors to eat and shop locally.


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