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From cashiers to sales associates, workers of essential businesses are on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We spoke with several local businesses that are taking extra steps to keep their workers safe.

Whole Foods is locally owned and one set of guidelines they follow is the NCG or the national cooperative grocers.

Whole foods CO-op has closed it’s open air prepared foods.

“So we have our cafe closed, our smoothies and juices, prepared coffee we have still kept all of our packaged stuff that comes in over night, but we tried to reduce the amount of staff in the store at the time,” said Leanna Nieratko from Whole Foods Co-op.

Checking out can be the most interactive experience. Here at Whole Foods they are taking measures to keep everyone safe.

This includes this six foot marker, sneeze guards for protection and then you can wrap up your shopping experience by using hand sanitizer.

They also had to prepackage all their bulk food. To emphasize social distancing they have launched curb side delivery.

“If you would have asked me two weeks ago or three weeks ago are you going to be doing online ordering, I would have said that would take us years, but with everything happening and we want to keep our customers safe so they don’t have to come in and keep our staff safe so they are not exposed to so many people. We got our curb side up in just a few days,” said Nieratko.

Ferrier’s True Value Hardware is another business that has it’s doors open. They are wiping down counters and door knobs.

“We are exercising social distancing. We don’t come in complete contact with someone. You make sure to not touch the person you pick up the money,” said Peter Maas from Ferriers Hardware.

Peter says at this point, workers are not wearing protective gloves.

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